The Lives of the Graced and Lucky

Do they really exist?

It’s always seemed to me that some people naturally have an easier time of things.

It makes some statistical sense. There’s always that proverbial sad sack who we all summon when we need to illustrate how much worse things could always be. That has to mean that there are people on the other side of the curve who have it breezy, right?

There has to be some people born to loving, balanced parents who actually had enough capacity and reserves to raise them without screwing it up too bad, right?

I see them around, I think. People who always seem positive, calm, and generally unperturbed. Like they won Jonathan Haidt’s “cortical lottery” and took the lump sum payout of brain wiring that magically fits our complicated world.

I’m not saying they don’t have a bump here or there, or a loss or two. Maybe a dog dies, a friend moves, or they only get the fifth row at a Springsteen concert. My point is that they manage to skate by with nothing beyond inconsequential afflictions and non-traumatic ordeals.

Some people just seem to get the whole enchilada, including extra servings of vitality, good looks, and robust health.

They don’t have to look into a mirror and repeat a hundred daily reps of affirming, self-loving mantras. And still, they feel completely comfortable in their own skin.

And somehow end up free of nagging neuroses and other mental and emotional maladies.

I’ve often said that everyone has their own cross to bear, but do they? Is it my imagination, or do some people pretty much get a pass on all that agonizing cross schlepping.

I kind of hope so. It would at least provide an example to study.

Though I certainly wouldn’t look to these lucky bastards to explain how they do it. They don’t know. They’ve never needed to ponder the question. That kind of introspection and analysis has been left to those of us aren’t so thoroughly and annoyingly graced.

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